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Amazing Tips To Make Your Cocktail Party Catering More Incredible

Cocktail parties are very popular nowadays. Enjoying a cocktail with friends on a fine evening is irresistible. Whether you are celebrating for a cause or want to have a get together with your old friends, or holding a formal social gathering, a cocktail party will surely be the best option for you. Cocktail parties are usually preferred over long, tiresome dinner parties. Started in the ’90s, these parties are now trending in business and social meetings. It is a good way to entertain your bosses and their wives and enjoy with your colleagues with good conversations, food, and drinks.

 A lot of things should be taken care of while hosting a cocktail party. Hosting a cocktail party can be made easy if you draw your attention to some important thing, especially in cocktail party catering in Melbourne.

What to do when choosing a cocktail party catering?

The following points should be kept in mind when throwing a cocktail party:

How many guests you are inviting?

Before planning for a cocktail party, you must know how many people you are going to welcome. Make a list of your guests and then manage the food, drinks, and other arrangements according to that number.


As cocktail parties are not like regular dinner parties the timing also shift accordingly. An evening time of 7 is ideal for this particular kind of party as the party will continue about 2-3 hours. Weekends are best for cocktail parties as everyone is free to enjoy at weekends.


You must know what type of guest will be at your place. Is it your business party or just an informal friends’ union? Your themes and environment should comply with the level of formality. A good theme makes the fun of the cocktail party double. You can also choose a dress theme.

Decide your Budget

Calculate your budget before hosting a cocktail party and invite the number of guests according to it. The menu of the party will also depend upon the budget. You should have enough finances to feed and facilitate all your guests. Choose the number of dishes and drinks according to your budget.

Decide a food menu

Prepare a menu of food for your guests. Heavy meals are not preferred in cocktail parties. Bite- size foods allow conversations to be continued and the host also remains free to enjoy the party. The food should be served on time.

Decide the cocktail menu

Add a variety of cocktails to your menu. Innovative garnishing will increase joy. Put an admixture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to facilitate people with different choices.

 Time spent with friends is worth enjoying. In this world of technology where people are getting far from each other, such cocktail parties are a good excuse to rejoice special moments with your family, friends, and colleagues. With the strategies mentioned above, you can host a glamourous cocktail party that people would love talking about. So, stop thinking and start planning.