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5 Incredible Things You Should Know Before Lash Extensions

Are you a daily college-going, office going or the celebrity, we know how hard it is to apply the fake lashes every day, neither you can use the lash curlers, it might pluck your lashes out? So, it’s no surprise that the good lash extension is the basic cosmetic need of every woman now days, and that’s why lash extensions have taken all the markets by the storm. 

But there might be the series of questions in your mind that how much length is imperative for the sexy flutters like Katy Perry or the Adele? Using the fake eyelashes every day could lead you to the serious allergic issues; like the actress Kristin Chenoweth had a serious allergic reaction after using the lash glue that was composed of formaldehyde. Anyhow if you are still feeling a bit apprehensive about this treatment, so continue reading; as we have asked some of the lash experts their best suggestions about this beauty treatments Perth

Let’s take a quick FAQ session; After this most of your confusions about the lash extensions might be cleared, like;

Are the mink lashes like Beyoncé is safe for you?

Different people like different lash extensions; some like the natural looks while most of them are interested in opting a drama look, the highlighting benefits of the mink lash extensions are that they are more feature, and light in weight, so they put lighter pressure on your lashes, but mink lashes are bit expensive than any ordinary lashes out there. 

How do you need to redo your lash extensions?

The growth depends upon the natural cycle of your eyelashes, and typically it lasts for eight to six weeks. The round figure is given as the growth of each person’s lashes might be different from the second person, however experts suggest the lash maintenance after every four to three weeks, to give you a full look.

Will the lash extensions have the same fall out issue like the fake lashes?

Since the procedure of eye, lashes are typical and each lash extension is attached to each eyelash, and soon after the natural growth in the regular cycle, the previous lash will fall, in every four to three weeks. However, if you have considered the in-experience person for your lash treatments then he might apply one artificial lash on three or four natural lashes that will ultimately fall the synthetic lash, this makes the lash to pull out or fall apart by causing the clumps. Moreover, if you by yourself pick any of the lashes forcefully then also the lash will fall apart. But if these two causes are avoided then your eyelashes will be attached to your lids, forever. 

Is it ok to wear mascara?

With a very light hand, you can use the mascara on the tips of your eyelashes, to avoid any fall or breakout of the lashes. This is more than enough to give your lashes that pop with the extensions.