Comparison Between Merbau Decking And Cedar Decking

We have been provided with different kinds of trees and woods. There is wide variety of trees which belong to different families and different species.Each type of wood differs from one another on the basis of their characteristics and other uses. Even though almost every kind of wood is used in making of furniture, paper, decking, flooring, fencing, etc. But there are some woods which are preferable to others because of various reasons. Decking is the structure that is mostly made up of wood and is slightly uplifted from the ground. It is a kind of separate portion or small balcony like structure that is attached with the outer portion of a house. However, people also make indoor decking as well. In this article, we will be discussing about merbau decking and its comparison with cedar decking:


Decking or deck is the structure that is flat and able to bear heavy weight.  A separate portion that is slightly uplifted from the ground is known as deck. The procedure of decking is mostly used in the making of balconies or bridges. There is indoor decking as well as outdoor decking. The decking floor can be made up of any material varying from plastic to polyvinyl chloride. But the most suitable component that can be used for the manufacturing of deck is wood or timber. There is wide variety of woods that can be used in the making of decks. We will be analyzing the comparison between merbau wood decking and cedar wood decking.

Comparison between merbau decking and cedar decking:

Merbau is one of the most commonly found woods in the south eastern areas like in Australia. It is a type of a hardwood that quite popularly used for indoor as well as outdoor constructions. The reason for its extreme popularity is that is quite long lasting and durable. Merbau decking is recommendable ass they are resistant to termite attack and gives an extraordinary outlook. Moreover, they do no get damaged or wear of by the extreme weather conditions. Click here for more info on Merbau decking.

On the other hand, cedar decking is the kind of decking that is made from cedar tree wood. It is an excellent choice for indoor as well as outdoor decking but there it is more likely to get stained and is not as resistant to termites as merbau decking.


Decking is the kind of flooring which is either made up of polyvinyl chloride or timber. It is the portion that is uplifted from the ground. People prefer to make balconies and bridges of decking. The most commonly used material for decking is timber. Merbau decking is quite recommendable as it is long lasting and termite resistant as well. It has proved to be beneficial for both interior as well exterior purposes. Cedar decking is also a good choice but it can get stained easily. “Kazman timber” offers the best services of merbau decking all across the Melbourne.