Property Management

Hospitality REITs As An Investment Option

Reason estate business is one of the most attractive investment opportunities put there. The returns garnered by the industry consistently rank in the top three investment opportunities when it comes to the return on investment. Other measures of the success of a business also make investing in real estate a favourable prospect. The returns from investing in real estate compare nicely with other investment opportunities that require a similar sum for a similar period of…

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What Are Cowrie Shells?

A Cowry Shell was used as currency around three thousand years ago, Chinese currency to be exact. The Cowrie Shell is often smooth and very shiny. These shells are shaped like an egg and can be found at the rocks on the sea bed. The adult cowrie shells look different from the juvenile ones. That is because the spite of the adult cowrie shell is not visible but the spite of a juvenile cowrie shell is…

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